Who is Sanford?

Sanford Dickert
Meet Sanford Dickert (@sanford), a seasoned technology executive with a unique blend of deep technical expertise, user-centric design philosophy, and a passion for teaching and mentorship. His experience spans across diverse sectors such as robotics, healthcare, PropTech, and more, making him a versatile leader in the tech industry.
Sanford’s approach to technology is more akin to an artist’s palette than a mere toolset, enabling him to deliver innovative products and services across a multitude of industries. His diverse knowledge of technology frameworks whether software, hardware or networking and the appropriate frameworks for AI and machine learning, coupled with his ability to attract and retain top engineering talent, makes him a valuable asset to any organization.
With over 15 years of experience in technology management, product strategy, and project management, Sanford has a proven track record in fostering innovation in competitive landscapes. His leadership roles in building technology teams and implementing strategies in various industries, including telehealth, robotics, mobile apps, gaming/currency, and cybersecurity, underscore his wide-ranging market expertise. While based in London, his geographical footprint spans Silicon Valley, New York City, Europe, and Asia, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to delivering exceptional results wherever he goes.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Sanford is a respected public speaker and educator, frequently sharing his insights on technology, entrepreneurship, programming, and leadership. Prior to COVID, he spent considerable time in China — speaking at schools and universities about Western education opportunities, STEAM curriculum creation, and deep-tech topics like robotics and AI. His passion for these subjects extends beyond the professional realm, reflecting his personal interest and commitment to these fields.

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