Selected Results

Technical depth + user design / experience + customer passion + public speaking

Sanford makes a difference. Get in touch to talk about managing a tech team, expeditiously delivering a new product, hitting your sales/users/traffic numbers, or building a progressive business model.

  • Sanford turned a mobile Internet-of-Things generic platform and converted it into one of the most popular IP Camera app offerings on iOS and Android OWLR Apps( close to 2M users their privacy and safety, while focusing on user simplicity, efficient customer acquisition and engaging customer service — all from a limited budget and team size (2019).
  • Sanford oversaw the development of Texai PrototypesWillow Garage’s first 25 remote presence systems as the Product Director. Delivered ahead of schedule, Sanford secured the robots press visibility in the New York Times, IEEE Spectrum, MIT Technology Review, and CNET, and product placement on the national sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He also secured $1M in purchase commitments for the alpha version prior to consumer offering.
  • First application-aware networkSanford led the creation of the first application-aware IP network during his time as the VP of IP Products and Services at Interoute, now Europe’s largest telecoms company. This technology is at the foundation of the debate we now refer to as net neutrality.
  • As the eCommerce director of Knock Knock Web SiteKnock Knock, Sanford’s overhaul of design and system architecture as well as management of the social media efforts including acquisition of Knock Knock’s social media properties (e.g. Facebook, twitter) resulted in increased traffic and sales conversions.
  • John Kerry for PresidentAs the CTO on the John Kerry for President campaign, Sanford led the development of the online web presence that resulted in the largest ever email list to that date for a political organization. The list contained three million names, and the Internet campaign resulted in $82 million in contributions.
  • First self-service web application for telcosAt Accenture, Sanford developed the first self-service account creation web application. Designed to assist students in setting up telephone service before mobile phones, it’s a predecessor of today’s online account creation forms.

Selected Good Words from LinkedIn

As Director at Rawlings Atlantic

“Sanford has a unique blend of creative insight, technical competence and a personable nature that makes him a pleasure to work with. He has done work for me in London, India, and the US, and I would recommend him.”

Mark Heynen
was Sanford’s client and hired him more than once

“I have worked with Sanford numerous times over past 3+ years and have found him to be someone who brings an amazing amount of positive qualities into a project. An expert level knowledge base, quality work, on time, every time. A true pro and a great guy to boot. A very nice combination to be sure.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Darrin McAfee, Managing Partner, Molotov
hired Sanford as a Business Consultant in 2007, and hired Sanford more than once

“Sanford has shown himself to have a clarity of vision to carry business forward and an ability to work together on winning strategies that I have rarely seen in clients. Those qualities, in addition to his high moral character, permit me to recommend Sanford as both a consultant and a client.”

Roger K. Marion, Trial Lawyer, Todtman, Nachamie, Spizz & Johns, P.C.
was with another company when working with Sanford at Rawlings Atlantic

As VP, IP Products and Services at Interoute Telecommunications

“I worked with Sanford at Interoute during 2001-2. During tough times, Sanford was always there trying to find a new angle but always keeping his feet on the ground and making sure the ideas made sense. Sanford has a fertile mind for ideas, a perennial enthusiasm and drive to get things done, a thirst for knowledge, as well as the patience and grace to really listen to others.”

Keith MilnerDirector, IP Engineering, Interoute
worked with Sanford at Interoute Telecommunications

“Quick to identify and drive forward new concepts. Has endless energy and enthusiasm in pursuit of short and long term product goals. Communicates well, maintaining good relationships at all levels.”

Sanjay MarajDirector, Voice and Access Services, Interoute
worked directly with Sanford at Interoute Telecommunications

As a Member of Board of Advisors at Paypal

“Sanford was a ceaseless and early supporter of PayPal who brought us our most valuable payments industry advisor (Scott Loftesness, who helped prepare us to survive the onslaught of credit card fraud), and our most valuable payments industry investor (Bill Melton, who’s offer to lead our Series C financing we unfortunately did not take).”

Luke NosekCo-founder, VP, Bus Dev, Marketing, Strategy, PayPal
managed Sanford indirectly at Paypal


Sanford has invested his time, funds, and expertise into promising people and start-ups, such as:

  • Zesty, mobile application in the healthy food delivery space. Seed investment. Sold to Stripe.
  • RPD International, collaborative hardware manufacturing offering. Seed investment and advisory CTO.
  • PeerIndex, pioneer in the Influence Marketing space. Series A investment and first CTO. Later sold to Brandwatch.
  • GroupSpaces, group communication services focused on group leader’s needs. Angel investment & introductions.
  • Suzanne’s Files, luxury selection service company. CTO services & angel investment. Sold to Spire.
  • Mentor Capital Foundation, developed program to help new entrepreneurs access capital and improve business models. Mentorship services.
  • dabble, video meta-information aggregation service. Provided investment. Sold.
  • Advanced Fusion Systems, aneutronic fusion technology company. Provided investment.
  • Falkin, digital identity management company. Provided business-modeling services.

Sanford had been involved in the emerging NYC’s tech community through involvement in:

  • collabraCode{}; Cofounded and ran successful collaborative Javascript training course to increase number of NYC developers.
  • NYC Coworking, cooperBricolage and New Work City. Cofounded and concepted successful and beloved coworking spaces with Tony Bacigalupo.
  • Coalition of Office Space Providers. In the midst of the 2008 downturn, co-created an organization to collaborate with the City of New York in development of low-cost workspaces. Increased visibility within the Mayor’s office and influenced entrepreneur-friendly policy changes.
  • Cooper Union Venture Network. Collaborated with students to create a channel for entrepreneurship for Cooper Union students and NYC entrepreneurs.