Sanford Dickert (@sanford) is a “Product Expeditor”, “Marketing Technologist”, creative entrepreneur, and a font of energetic solutions. He’s a known and respected entity in technology, political, and entrepreneurial communities on both US coasts and internationally.

Sanford’s formidable knowledge base, vast network, and unique style spark fascinating projects — and gets them done. A forerunner in fields of robotic telepresence, influence marketing, and self-service networking solutions, he’s been the innovating force behind many ubiquitous solutions that businesses and people depend on today and will adopt tomorrow.

Focused on bringing new and indispensable processes to organizations, Sanford has been active in multiple senior positions in technology, product development, and marketing. His effective, customer-focused solutions are found within Fortune 500 firms, leading venture funds, and promising start-ups.

Sanford’s house blend

Sanford combines his technology and system engineering background with natural leadership ability to apply frameworks, generate ideas, and enroll teams to successful outcomes.

He has applied his unique approach to solve formerly intractable market problems in industries like real-time engagement marketing, robotics and telepresence, online publishing and sales, crowdsourced content curation, and application-aware network services.

In the thick of it

Sanford is often found in the innovative spaces that join businesses, investors, and government. He’s strengthened connections in New York’s tech community though efforts in coworking (like cooperBricolage and New Work City), interfacing with professional organizations (e.g., Coalition of Office Space Providers, NYC Economic Development Corporation, et al.), and through heavy involvement with social-professional networks.

An engaging public speaker with a mentoring and crusading personality, Sanford’s spoken at events including NY Entrepreneurial Week, Ignite NYC, CASS Business School in London and the Mentor Capital Foundation.

Past lives

Sanford’s been an Adjunct Professor at Cooper Union and Polytechnic, teaching Web 2.0 and product development concepts; he was also the Chief Technology Officer during the John Kerry for President Campaign. He’s held roles inside numerous startup companies focused on social software and online community services, including eGroups (now Yahoo!), gigabeat (now Napster), hotrecruit, and Interoute (the largest telecoms provider in Western Europe).

“Spare time”

Sanford publishes his thoughts on social media at The Social Engineer, on robotic telepresence at Pilot Presence and online political and advocacy engagement at Political Gastronomica. He also has contributed to Center Networks, Supernova and many other forums.