Sanford wearing many hatsSanford Dickert (@sanford) is a seasoned technology and product executive with a rich and diverse background spanning almost two decades. His expertise lies in the intersection of technology, product management, and user-driven design, making him a sought-after figure in the technology, political, and entrepreneurial communities across the globe.

Given various titles such as “Product Expeditor”, “Marketing Technologist”, “Chief Bottle Washer”, Sanford is known as a creative collaborator using his expertise in technology, product and design understanding to deliver innovative solutions.

Industry Impact

A forerunner in fields of robotic telepresence, influence marketing, and political advocacy, he’s been the innovating force behind many ubiquitous solutions that businesses and people depend on today and will adopt tomorrow.

Sanford’s unique blend of technical acumen, leadership skills, and a user-centric approach has enabled him to solve complex market problems in industries like real-time engagement marketing, robotics and remote telepresence, online publishing and sales, crowdsourced content curation, and application-aware network services. His ability to apply frameworks, generate ideas, and lead teams to successful outcomes has made him an invaluable asset to Fortune 500 firms, leading venture funds, and promising start-ups.

Looking back

Throughout his career, Sanford has held multiple senior positions in technology, product development, and marketing. He has been instrumental in bringing new and indispensable processes to organizations, fostering innovation, and driving success. His work has spanned across various geographies including Silicon Valley, New York City, London, and China, and across various industries such as healthcare, property technology, cybersecurity, and robotics.

Sanford’s journey has been marked by his roles in numerous start-ups and established companies. Most notably, he served as the Chief Technology Officer during the John Kerry for President Campaign as well as advised numerous campaigns on digital voter engagement and held roles inside numerous startup companies focused on social software and online community services.

Educator and Speaker

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Sanford is also a respected educator and public speaker. He served as an Adjunct Professor at Cooper Union and NYU Polytechnic, teaching Web 2.0 and product development concepts. He is frequently requested shares his insights on technology, entrepreneurship, programming, and leadership at various events and platforms.

In the Media

Sanford’s work and insights have been featured in numerous media outlets including The Economist, NPR, BBC, New York Times, and WIRED Magazine. He continues to contribute to the discourse on the impact of technology in society and education on his various social media points-of-presence.