Who is Sanford?

Sanford Dickert

Sanford Dickert (@sanford) is an adventurous product technologist with a passion for solving business and society’s problems by applying basic engineering principles, combined with a strong consumer ear to apply the right solutions to whatever effort he is involved in. In his varied career, Sanford has held numerous positions in Product Development, Technology Development and Engineering.
When describing Sanford, descriptions have included “Transformative Product-Focused CTO”, “Product Expeditor” and “Marketing Technologist” – all terms that combine the passion of a product advocate and the technical skills of an engineer.  While Sanford has worked with Fortune 500 firms and other large enterprises, his greatest impact has been with leading venture funds and promising start-ups providing a coaching-based approach to work with the organization to take risks that they may normally not be comfortable with.. His work helps teams better understand and execute on customer-focused solutions through the effective use of technology, performance metrics and product development/marketing techniques.
And yes, Sanford enjoys public speaking and teaching on topics ranging from technology, entrepreneurship, programming and leadership.

Discussing Net Neutrality on CNN – March 2015

Discussing the Heartbleed Bug on CNN – April 2014